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    “The tandem's live performances are a joy to behold. Sanchez's beats build and build on the dance floor like any good house music set, then Zimmerman joins the production, adding layers of intricate drum rhythms that both complement and contrast with the synths. The result is all of the vivacity of a live concert, with the simple euphoria of a dance floor.” 

    - Chicago Tribune


    “Together, as Dance Loud, they make a rhythmic thunder that’s part spun and part live-drummed that’s bound to get people up and moving. They come to Buffalo on behalf of a good cause, having teamed with the It gets Better campaign, working to spread a positive message of support to LGBTQ youths through the power of music and community.” 

    - Daily Public, Buffalo


    “If you were looking to see some badass people in a live drum and DJ set AND support a message of love at the same time, this is the place for you. Dance Loud is a Chicago duet currently on tour and stopping by the6 for a one-night only show at the Steady.” 

    - Yohomo



    Dance Loud is not a DJ and is not a BAND but something weird in between. The Chicago based electronic dance duo originated by performing, all vinyl house music sets with a live drummer. Introducing an energetic fusion of syncopated rock, jazz drums, hip-hop scratching with high tempo dance music and video projection. Creating a visually unique performance that influences the crowds to Dance Loud!

    After touring nationwide from Chicago to New York, California and Canada in their DIY converted, tour bus named "Precious." The duo is currently preparing to tour over seas with the new album release. They performed on numerous stages including the Tammany Hall (NY), Knitting Factory, (NY), Oz (New Orleans), The Steady (Toronto), Bonnaroo (Artist Lounge), and numerous Chicago venues, clubs, LGBT and street festivals (Do Division, Fashion Fest, Backlot Bash, Sangria Fest). 

    Kristin & Desereé met in 2008 at art school in Chicago. Kristin obtained a Bachelors Degree in Audio Engineering while Desereé graduated with a degree in Music Business. Originating as a romantic couple, they performed together one night and the crowd went nuts for the duo.

    Dance Loud is currently recording their first full album "The Moment" introducing Deep House, Electro Swing, Marching drums and brass as the focus of the album and will be releasing it in 2019.

    Kristin Sanchez

    Kristin Sanchez is a vinyl house/electronic DJ, with a penchant for adrenaline building blends with heavy equalization, hip-hop style scratching on strong percussive, high tempo EDM tracks. Kristin started spinning vinyl at the age of 18 which enabled her to max out her first credit card on a set of tables. Growing up in the city of Chicago, she developed a life long love for Old School Chicago House Tracks. Her major influences include “Kaskade,” “Stacy Kidd” & “DJ Funk.”

    Deseree Fawn

    Desereé Fawn is a classically trained rock, jazz drummer, that is noted for her syncopated off beats often using polyrhythms and polymeters to create a energetically diverse sound and performance. Desereé is from a small town in Southern Illinois. She started playing the guitar at the age of 7 and drums at the age of 10, in her elementary school band, becoming the drum section leader her senior year. Previous band styles she performed in range from Melodic to Metal. Her major influences include Danny Carey from “Tool,” Kashikura Takashi from “Toe" and "Mazzy Star."



    Each episode of Bus Invaders takes you inside the touring vehicle of one of today's top touring acts. In this episode, the electronic music duo, Dance Loud, show you around the shuttle bus that they tour in.

    "Don't Stop eMotion" is a stop motion animated webseries telling the tale of how Desereé & Kristin met. Created by Dance Loud. 

    More Episodes : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlg9yDnSU-TyOZZ4NV44Mh1DaTS-NbVjz