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    Dance Loud

    Dance Loud is not a DJ and is not a band, its something weird in between. Dance Loud is a Chicago based electronic duo that incorporates a mix of analog and digital, formed in 2008. One thing for sure is that they don’t just “play like girls” they create a energy that influences crowds to Dance Loud!

    Kristin Sanchez


    Kristin Sanchez is a vinyl house/electronic DJ, with a penchant for adrenaline building blends with heavy equalization, hip-hop style scratching on strong percussive, high tempo EDM tracks. Kristin started spinning vinyl at the age of 18 which enabled her to max out her first credit card on a set of tables. Growing up in the city of Chicago, she developed a life long love for Old School Chicago House Tracks. Her major influences include “Kaskade,” “Stacy Kidd” & “DJ Funk.”

    Desereé Fawn


    Desereé Fawn is a classically trained rock, jazz drummer, that is noted for her syncopated off beats often using polyrhythms and polymeters to create a energetically diverse sound and performance. Desereé is from a small town in Southern Illinois. She started playing the guitar at the age of 7 and drums at the age of 10, becoming the drum section leader her senior year. Previous band styles she performed in range from Melodic to Metal. When moving to Chicago, she found her love for House Music, DJ's and EDM. Her major influences include Danny Carey from “Tool,” Kashikura Takashi from “Toe" and Thom Yorke “Radiohead." 



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